LWRCD nominated Mike and Priscilla Sims as the WACD Outstanding Small Acerage Cooperators for 2018. They were experiencing an erosion problem on their property. The district utilized funds from a Wyoming Department of Agriculture Water Quality Grant. Bull rush and sedges were transplanted from the north side of Ocean Lake. The Sims assembled 60 gabion baskets and hauled rock (one wheel barrow full at a time) to fill the baskets along the shoreline. There project took all spring and part of the summer to complete. Because of their dedication to conservation Mike and Priscilla were selected as the WACD Outstanding Small Acreage Cooperators. They will be recognized at the Annual WACD State Convention in Evanston.

There are three waters in the district that are currently considered impaired by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality. The district has been conducting water quality monitoring on all three waters through grants from the Wyoming Department of Agriculture.

Muddy Creek—listed as impaired due to E.coli from Boysen Reservoir upstream to the Wind River Indian Reservation boundary

Poison Creek—listed as impaired due to E.coli from Boysen Reservoir upstream for two miles

Ocean Lake—currently on the WDEQ Category 4 waters which means that the lake is impaired or threatened for a warm water fishery due to sediment and a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) was written.

The district sponsored four Emergency Water Protection Projects through the Natural Resource Conservation Service.  Three were designed to help stabilize the bank of the Big Wind River when high water threatened the lives and homes of five families.  The fourth was completed in 2017 to stabilize the bank of the Little Wind River to prevent the loss of an irrigation ditch.

The district annually sponsors a water well testing program for citizens in the district (usually in the spring). Funding from the Wyoming Department of Agriculture provides free coliform and E.coli testing for customers.

The district sponsored a Level 1 Study through the Wyoming Water Development Commission for the Badwater and Poison Creek Watersheds.  One small water project was completed in the Lysite area on a cost-share basis with the landowner.  The spring development will benefit wild life and livestock.